Friday, November 21, 2008

Sea World

Last weekend Carli and I were talking about how she needed to go on vacation with her kids. Four days later I had substitutes for my classes and practices and we were on our way to Sea World! The kids were so much fun! I had many laughing moments because of some of the things the kids did and said. For example, Cotter was playing with my volleyball and it accidently went over the hill rolling down towards the ocean and so I ran after it and when I was walking down the big rocks to get the volleyball Qunci ran up and with her hands by her cheeks said "Careful honey, Careful honey!" She was so concerned. Another Qunici quote was when Carli and I sat down to eat lunch and let the kids play she ran up to me as I was about to eat and said "Kenzie food yucky come on!" as she was pulling my hand so of course I left my food and went and played with her on the play ground. Cotter said some really funny things as we were leaving at 5:00 am and I thought he was asleep in the back seat. I was putting Cruz in his seat and Cotter said with his eyes shut "Tenzie I'm so told" (Kenzie I'm so cold) so I gave him a blanket and he went back to sleep. I got in the driver seat and waited a second to get my seat belt on and get situated and from the boy in the back seat that I thought was asleep said "Tenzie Do" (Kenzie Go). Carli and were laughing so hard at these kids. They are so fun, entertaining, and sweet! Cruz was the best baby to travel with. He is such a happy baby! Sea World was so fun we went to a lot of shows, sat in the soak zone at a couple shows with ponchos, fed seals, played with Sesame Street characters, played in the play ground, went on some rides! It was a good break!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Portugal Porto Mission!

Elder Cotter is going to be serving in the Portugal Porto Mission! I'm excited that he gets to learn the Portuguese language! He will report to the MTC on Wednesday Feb. 18, 2009. I'm so excited for him; I know he will be a great missionary. Congrats Bens!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tatum got Married Friday November 7! I'm so happy for her and Chase. I love receptions because it means all the friends can get together. I love my friends! I'm so blessed to have friends like I do. Congrats Tatum and Chase! I love you guys :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008!

Halloween 2008! Halloween was a lot of fun with the kids. Cotter was a dinasaur of course; Gage was Buzz Light Year; Qunici was tinkerbell; Elsie was a princess; Cruz was a monkey; and Callie was a mermaid. I was wonder woman and Benson was Batman.

A family on our street dressed up so cute. The mom was sleeping beauty, the girls were the three fairies, and the dad (who is not in the picture) was prince charming. Their costumes were so amazing that even Cotter, Gage, Elsie, Wrigley, and Qunici sat and stared at them!