Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stalker Horse!

This horse is following me everywhere! So the other day I was talking to my sister and I look behind her and the horse was looking at me through a plant. The next day It was on a shelf looking at me as I read the paper. Finally, yesterday I went to the fridge, opened it, and the horse was looking at me by the lunch meat I was getting to make myself a sandwich. Benson I know has something to do with it, however, my dad thinks it's pretty funny as well. So this is the horse on my dad's desk, on top of his monitor, with a note saying "neeeee!!! Well Hello Ben neeeee!!" I hope he likes it! This horse is amazing! Benson tells me that he thinks toy story is real now because he marvels at how this creature gets from place to place. To this day he says he has nothing to do with it! haha

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Artistic Cotter Patterson

Cotter came to visit me at work today and he drew some pictures for me! This one below is of Kenzie on the far left than, Carli (mom), Papa (Grandpa), Juju (grandma), and than he didn't think it was complete until he added himself on the end. His ears are bigger than his head! haha. I have giant hands and scary teeth! I love his creative side...he certainly has it.

The artist himself!

He never leaves a drawing session with out drawing a T-REX! He is obsessed with every kind of dinosaur right now. I love how fun and creative he is!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Webster Family Reunion

The Webster Family Reunion September 12-14, 2008. This last weekend the Webster Clan had our reunion at a bed and breakfast in Lakeside Arizona. We had a blast with fishing, playing many games, volleyball, croquet, eating, bike riding, conoeing, watching old family videos, church, sleeping under the stars until bats were spotted above my head (then I went inside), playing with the neices and nephews, Quinci's 3rd birthday, and just hanging with the family. My favorite story....Benson and I were conoeing and we went back to the dock and Benson got out first and thought it was funny to rock the conoe that I was in to try to get me to fall in; however, he lost his balance trying to push me and fell in himself (fully clothed, head all the way under) I laughed so hard. He totally deserved it! The reunion was a lot of fun! I love my family!Cotter fishing...all we caught were weeds but he thought it was cool. Everytime we reeled in and had weeds on the hook he would say "hey kenzie weeds". Cotter learned to cast, reel in, and that the fish that day were not hungry.
Qunici fishing with Uncle Benson
Cotter and Uncle Benson5 hours of fishing and I caught nothing! However, I had a lot of fun not catching anything!
Carli, Kember, Elsie, and Quinci came to see us on the fishing boat.
Benson didn't catch anything either.

Gage was a professional fisherman with his own pole. Look at him here just chillin, sitting on a rock, and fishing in the great outdoors.

Benson got bit by a dog; I had to show this.
Quinci loved that she had her special day! She walked around all day saying "birthday me!"

Cotter is trying to act like the bear in the picture below....he did pretty good!Cotter and Gage are the funniest little boys! These pictures show how fun they are! I love them :)I love Baby Cruz!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The spontaneous weekend!

Labor Day weekend...So late friday night at was at my house and my mom, benson, court, and I decided to go to California last minute. We packed and left at 4am on Saturday. We arrived around 10 am and went to the orange county swap meet. Through out the weekend we got to the Knotts Berry farm restaurant and theme park, church, the beach, and Disneyland before making it home monday night right before midnight. I love that some people would plan a trip like this for weeks and we planned it in literally 5 minutes. We went cheap...gas, food, and a discounted $25 ticket to knotts is what we payed for. Other than that we stayed with our awesome cousins, had our disneyland passes, and ate cheap. It was a great weekend!

This video is from Knotts Berry Farm on my favorite ride there....Supreme Scream!

He had no choice once he was buried.......I have to say that is a pretty good looking mermaid...This is my favorite picture of Benson. We literally played with these sand toys for a long time. We were either boogie boarding, playing volleyball, or playing with these beach toys. His ankles make me laugh so hard.

Disneyland makes me so happy! Every time I go I love it. I have a new obsession with their new ride Toy Story Mania. It is probably in my favorite ride tied with Soarin over California in California adventure. Go to California Adventure!...you need to experience this great attraction!