Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh how I love monsoon season!!

So Last night was the coolest monsoon storm I have watched all season! There was a ton of rain, the lightning was nonstop, and the thunder rolled and rolled continuously. This video shows from my backyard what I saw with the lights on and the lights off. The storm went forever! Oh how I love monsoon season!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Crazy crazy Bee's!

Bee's aren't fun! So I had an issue with a few bee's getting into the house every once in a while. I thought it wasn't a big deal...I was wrong. More and more bee's kept coming so I had 3 different companies working on my bee problem. Two companies killed the colony...yes a colony...tons of bees were in the walls of my house (creepy). The next company came in and scooped the honey and bee's in the walls out. There was 30-40 lbs of honey removed!! Honey was coming through the interior walls and out the bottom of the house (pictures showed). My brother and I actually tried the honey coming on the interior wall (just a little taste cause we were curious); it is really sweet. The other pictures are of the actual hive and honey. I had no idea it was this intense. Luckily it's all over with. The bees and honey are gone, the holes are sealed up so no future bees can get in, and there is a chemical now in my wall so bees will stay away! Not only was this annoying it was really expensive! I finally got the email this week saying that my builder is going to pay for everything! It's a new home and I bought it only 1 year prior so the bees most likely were there before I bought it. I learned a lot through this whole experience. Bee's are aggressive!

Boston here she comes!

Case is officially moving to Boston today! I'm excited for her and I'm thrilled that I can go visit Boston and have a tour guide and a place to stay! Travel safe, have fun, still cheer for local teams (suns, dbacks) first; then Boston teams if necessary, meet cool people, nanny away, substitute away, and get to know the city so when I come you can show me around :) Adventure Away! I'm gonna miss playing and beating you in ticket to ride; play over there so you can attempt to beat me when you get back for Christmas. Have fun! love ya

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tribute to Chico

Chico (Cheeks) is the dog I have known most of my life. I remember Christmas day when my family was playing a game called boola boola (where you look for a present) and I found Chico in the back of the family car. He was so excited to have a new family. Ever since then we have loved Chico. Unfortunately today August 12, 2008 Chico had to be put down because he can't see, hear, or walk so we thought it was time. He was fine for a while but when he started to whimper when he attempted to walk recently we new it was time. The only thing he really still understood is "Chico want a treat" but you had to scream it and put the treat in front of his nose in order for him to understand. You can see in the eye balls of the second picture that Chico is blind. My brothers have joked for a long time that when Chico died they were going to bbq him and then eat him. It's not gonna happen now you sickos! Chico rest in peace. I love you Cheeks!

Groovy Grandma

GrOoVy SeEtA!

So for family home evening my family went to my grandmas house to move some furniture and it turned into a dance party with my grandma. Here is some classic footage of Seeta my groovy grandma who can still dance and get her groove on. I love my funny.

The second video is other classic footage in the Clegg family reunion parade. Grandma always wears this costume and plays her accordian in the parade. This parade doesn't make sense but always gives us a good laugh.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Carli!

Happy Birthday Carli! Casey made an amazing coconut cake that I had to display. Cotter is pointing at the cake and making an amazing face in the bottom picture!

To Infinity and Beyond!

When I went to Utah one of my trips I went to my favorite store (Disney Store) and saw that they were having a very good sale so I brought back all the babies a prize. Cotter and Gage are modeling their buzz light year tshirts, sunglasses, and flipflops. They are sooooooo studly.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My first official post

I have started a blog! Many people thought this would never happen...but here it is! My first official post is of my summer. I graduated in the spring so I wanted to play this summer so I did! Here are some of my adventures from Utah three times to Disneyland and the beach to Wyoming to Las Vegas....
I love love love Disneyland! It really is magical so I spent 6 days at the Magic Kingdom with my family and of course loved every moment of it. I know Disneyland and California Adventure like my own home. The third picture down explains my childish love for Disneyland.

I went to wyoming with my family for a reunion and here is my brother and I dressed up for the parade. The thing about our family parade is that it doesn't make sense...people just dress up with whatever they find. This picture is an example; I have a basketball mask with butterfly wings with a shirt that says red hot lover...its so random.
So we were driving from Wyoming to Midway and I saw Bear Lake so I stopped, put my swim suit on, jumped in, and started was so pretty! My little brother and sister saw how much fun I was having and finally joined me.
A lot of people hate the drive to Utah and would think that I'm crazy that I drove there and back three times this summer....but I did it and it was worth it. Park city, Provo, Midway, Orem, Salt Lake, and of course the Canyon. I had fun with my family and friends!

To end the summer we went to Vegas on the way home from Utah and I played with Court and Bens at Circus Circus while my mom went to a home furnishing show. Lets just say I won a stuffed animal for $20 bucks...haha those carnival games get you. It was a great way to end the summer though!
Now it's back to work in Mesa! My motto! Work hard play hard!