Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years Get Away!

Well New Years weekend was a must for my family to go out of town because Casey was headed back to Boston a couple days after, Benson leaves on his mission in about a month, the Jude and I all started full time teaching this last Monday, Court was starting school again and my dad can always use a break from work. So my family went out of town to spend time with each other. We of course did the Disneyland trip..why not? There was still Christmas up, the firework show is amazing, and we got a nice time share over there that was way relaxing. We left Disneyland the second day, went home, and watched The Office for like 5 hours...we stopped to go swimming...then back to the office. I love going out of town; especially with my family! They are so fun. Yes the horse named Brownie or Bronson came along to. My dad thinks he is hilarious (which he is) and he brought the horse along for the trip. Brownie/Bronson had his own seat at the Aladdin show. Here are some pictures from the trip!